Blobby is a remake of the classic Blobby II from 1991 for the Acorn Risc OS. This classic title was known for being challenging, training your memory and reflexes. The gameplay is a simple platformer however, you only have 10 lives to finish 8 levels. In each level you must reach the flag pole to proceed onto the next level. To stop you reaching the goal the screen accelerates upwards and there are different hazards to kill you.

The original game was made by Arm'd and Dangerous and I gained the rights to produce a remake. With a floppy with random data I rescued the visual elements and coded it from scratch. It was made in Cocos2D Javascript for release on Android and iOS in the near future.
Dino Bash
Dino Bash is a fun local multiplayer game, also known as a couch game. The game is simple, you are a dinosaur with a bat and you have to bash the other player off the island! It's easy to learn but hard to master. Dino Bash is for all ages and gives both beginners and advanced players enough depth to play for hours. If you're playing with your friends or a complete stranger, Dino Bash will make you laugh out loud.

Thanks to
Colin van der Lei, Ivo van Dijk and Yannis Tzav for Sound Design.

Gameplay video
Designer café
Designer Cafe, a clothing store in Utrecht, wanted a unique shopping experience that represented their store. For this we designed and developed an application for a touch table that would be placed in the store. On this touch table clients can adjust and customize the clothes to their own desires. This low-entry solution with a virtual representation of their design, intuitive touch controls, physical fabric to let the clients feel what it will be like makes it easy to use for all. For this we used a Microsoft Surface combined with a NFC scanner to scan fabric, colours, patterns and clothes.
The second idea was a projection of a woman on the store window that would lure people inside, she would walk next to the people walking in front of the store. The projector and plain would move on rails based on the position, tracked by a Kinect, and the projected video would be matched with the movement of the screen.

Made by
- Evita Lammers - Project leader
- Marloes Reijnders - Interactive Design and Assistent Project Leader
- Thomas Reinink - Prototyping, Engineering and Lead Development
- Bob Jacobs and Esmé Berach - Interface Design and Visuals
- Ibrahim Attallihi and Martijn Horbach - Documentation and AudioVisuals
- Angelos Kremyzas and Joeri van de Velde - Programming
The game is about a hungry critter known as Gijs. Gijs lives in a world consisting of large, hollow rooms, which are inhabited by other critters. Ever since Gijs was born into this weird world full of colors and critters, he's dreamed of becoming the biggest critter of them all! Good thing he has an appetite to match that big dream. Bounce and roll your way through 5 different rooms, some the same yet slightly different, and eat as much as you can! You can use the same tunnels as the native critters to instantly travel between the rooms, untill you become the biggest critter in the world.

The team
Rollum is created at the Global game jam by team: Fruitmandje
- Denise Blaauwkamer - 2D and 3D art
- Tim Nelemans - 3D art
- Thomas Reinink - Development
- Aran Koning - Development and audio
- Robin Fokken - Development
- Niels van Schooten - Development

Youtube Trailer
Download the Game
Play the Game in browser
Jihii puzzle game
Jihii is casual puzzle game based on the physical board game. It is being developed for both tablet and smartphone and got released in 2015. In the game you must place all the wooden pieces on the board to fill all the holes. During the game you earn coins that you can use to buy more levelpacks or in-game hints. The game features music by three times world whistling champion: Geert Chatrou.

I got hired at Codeglue to work on Jihii. Development started earlier but I became lead programmer on the game and finished it. Art and sound were done by other members of Codeglue.

Get Jihii on Itunes
Fly High!
Fly High is a fun arcade game where you steer a plane up towards the un-ending sky. Through touchscreen you can control your airplane left and right. Get as high as you can, navigating between asteroids and catching fuel to keep going.

Fly High on Google Play(Market)
Vroom Vroom
Vroom Vroom is a MMO race game. The idea is a like Test drive unlimited. Free roads, a nice car and no worries.

Vroom Vroom was my first project in Blender 3D with the Blender Game engine.

- Python 2.6.6 (!Python 2.6 is required to play the game)
- Vroom Vroom 1.02 as .Zip
- Vroom Vroom 1.02 as .exe (recommended)
- Vroom Vroom 1.02 server